Thursday, June 19, 2014

North Sea Breakers (2)

I finally finished the North Sea Breakers painting. Been working hard. Had a deadline to meet: the start of the Summer Show at the Twee Pauwen Art Gallery in The Hague (Netherlands) on June 29. Yesterday the painting left my studio to be framed and transported to the gallery.

North Sea Breakers, oil on panel, 120 x 160 cm

 In reaction to the question in my previous blog entry I got a few reactions in the mail. Thanks! One comment suggested I'd get rid of the beach pole and I agreed. When I removed it, the painting seemed to have more depth. I also softened the color of the beach. Dutch beaches are a bit pale, which goes great with the greenish color of the North Sea. For you painters out there: I used Flesh Color (Lukas), Sepia (Rembrandt) and Yellow Ochre (Old-Holland).

The weather was real nice, so I worked with the windows open. The blackbird in the yard provided the soundtrack to this YouTube video. Almost four weeks of painting boiled down to nine minutes...

Please check out my online sales page for the oil sketch that goes with the painting.


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