Friday, August 29, 2014

An oil-painting a week

Where would we be without the internet? For an artist like me it's a great way to get in touch with my audience. It's one of the reasons to write this blog and to sell my video and oil sketches online. 

Today I'm going to launch a new blog: An Oil Painting a Week. I plan to present a new painting every week on Friday.  Each painting has the size of a picture postcard and comes with a small black aluminium frame. It can be ordered with a mouse click for a modest price. I'd really like you to check it out and let me know what you're thinking!

Beach with Cirrus Clouds, 10 x 15 cm (3.9 x 5.9"), oil on panel

In my July 18 blog entry I already told you I was working on this series. Posted an example, which I thought was finished. But you know how it is: after a few days your perspective  changes, so I started working on the thing again. Now I really think it's finished. If you like, you can compare it to the July 18 version. Did it get any better? Let me know!

A size like this comes with specific challenges. On a 3.9 x 5.9" panel (it's really tiny...) you can't maintain the level of detail of a larger painting. So I had to stick to the real important aspects: color, light and space. I taped the making of 'Beach with Dark Sky' and posted it on YouTube


  1. Thanks Audrey. Like with everything else, it's a matter of practice. Hope you enjoyed the video.

  2. Really feeling thankful to you. It's really looking an awesome work done by you. thanks for sharing and keep posting with best wishes Oil Painting Online

  3. Awesome!So much on such a small panel. Could you please tell if you painted in one sitting or the layers had to be dried? How did you paint the pinks in clouds?
    Thanks for sharing the process.

  4. Thanks, Manju! The painting needed 2 sessions to finish. I use a fast drying medium (Liquin from Winsor & Newton), so I could finish it in 2 days. For the pinks in the clouds I used Flesh color from Old Holland, mixed with Indigo (Rembrandt).