Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rømø Beach

As promised in my previous blog entry, here's an oil sketch of a beach scene on the Danish island Rømø.

Rømø Beach #1, oil on paper sketch, 30 x 40 cm

Maybe you remember the triptych I was working on last July. Each of the three images had a human figure in it, which is quite exceptional for me. Since then I've been thinking about doing more of that. Got some encouraging reactions to the triptych and  when I showed it in an exhibition at the Møhlmann Museum (a privately funded museum of contempory Dutch realism) all three paintings were sold within a week. 'I must be on to something here...' I thought. Lots of different ideas went through my head and at the moment I'm working on a painting with a guy in a red jacket walking towards the sea. Hope to show you the result in my next blog.

Rømø Beach #2, oil on paper sketch, 30 x 40 cm

Anyway, I wondered what the Rømø sketch would look like with a few figures in it. 'What's the worst that can happen' I said to myself and I added  three guys walking on the beach. I'm not sure about the result. Did it get better? Please let me know what you're thinking!


  1. As an amateur photographer and we are always told to include figures as these give a sense of scale and Janhendrik I think your inclusion of figures have enhanced the painting especially as they are placed on a third...

    As for my art work I am still trying to get to grips with acrylics.

    Phil Smith
    Ipswich, Suffolk, Uk

  2. Thanks for your response, Phil. You're right, they give a sense of scale. I always want the focus to be on light and space and I was afraid that figures would be distracting. But now I'm drawn to them more and more.

    I never was any good at acrylics. I sometimes use them as underpainting for my oils. Works just fine.

  3. I agree with Phil, the figures add to the painting, though it could stand on its own without them... I like the fact that you have not gone with the usual, dog and human etc etc.. I imagine these guys walking to the bar after a days sea fishing..

  4. Love the idea of them walking to the bar after a day of fishing. I figured they're out on the beach after a boring day at the office.

    Funny, this is what happens the minute you paint figures in a landscape: they will be the focal point and the landscape becomes background.

    Thanks Grahame. Cheers!