Thursday, July 21, 2016

Colored backgrounds #2

In my blog entry of June 24th I told you about my experiment with a colored background. You may remember I was quite pleased with the result and that I planned to repeat this approach. Well, I did and sooner than I thought.

The idea for this painting dates from a few months ago when I made an oil sketch of the same subject. Though I was pleased with the result, I wanted it to be even softer, more misty. It seemed to me that a colored background would provide an excellent starting point to get what I wanted. I used a warmer grey this time, a mix of Old Holland violet-grey and Old Holland yellow deep (a little more reddish than Naples yellow).

In the next stages I tried to bring the shapes of the clouds to the front by lighting up the areas around them. That was quite interesting, because it's the reverse of what I usually do, which is painting the shapes themselves.

Misty Sunrise, oils on panel, 70 x 120 cm

The final image is the result of multiple layers of different greys. Rembrandt transparent white proved to be  essential once again. I'm quite pleased with the painting. Hope you like it too!


  1. Excellent ,as usual.I was working and still is on same subject,kind delaying with finishing .Very pleased to work on sky with this kind atmosphere but ocean always hard part yet for me personally))

  2. Thanks Arthur. If you want to take a closer look at the painting, it's on my website (, the third painting in the recent work section. When you hit the detail box (just below the painting) you'll see that I use a a pointillist technique for the sea. Numerous small dots, that often have almost similar colors. That creates a more vibrant surface.

    1. TY Janhendrik,i sure will!..very impressed with blue violet capability along with indigo and sky blue on top of grey/so with ocean part -excellent color coordination ,love that team work:)

    2. yes ,detail #1 was very helpfull,ty.Detail #2 -simply outstanding well organized chaos of light blinks and reflections from above...i got feeling that sun itself jump in too foggy warm water like little kid and flipping in it making air buble's and happy sounds one can see it as it foggy around coast at this time...but one person was staying on the shore and snapped that moment and that's what i feel about this picture now,Ty!Very refreshing!