Saturday, October 17, 2015


My work looks pretty detailed, when viewed on a computer screen. In reality it's not as detailed as you'd think. In reality I don't paint every tiny wave. To be honest I'm not that patient. I try to find a 'handwriting' (by lack of a better word) that suggests detail rather than actually depicting it.

Let me give you an example. The painting below is a big one (120 x 160 cm). I added the black boxes to indicate the position of the details. As you can see it's a mess of dots and specs on a rather dark background.

Ocean with Evening Clouds, oil on panel, 120 x 160 cm

Upper box

Lower box

For more details, please go to the 'recent work' section of my web site ( Just below each work is a 'detail' box,that zooms in on the painting.


  1. I am blown away with this informative look - thank you. Inspiring as ever - keep up the great work and the encouragement for the rest of us. Tomas J Fernandez

  2. Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for your comment! Just wanted to clear up a widespread misunderstanding about painting details. Glad to hear it worked.

  3. I wanna thank you Janhendrik for sharing your experience in painting clouds. I have learned a lot about painting clouds from you.
    Behzad Ehdaie from Iran

  4. Thanks Behzad. I'm very pleased to hear my contribution has been helpful!